Sim has been away for 7 weeks and will come home in 2 weeks. I was okay for about the first month because I simply dove into my own work and didn’t look up. But I have to admit that the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult. It’s funny since some Communication research examines the role of touch, affection, and social support on people’s well being. And never in my life have I considered these findings more important; all of these variables have a profound impact on people. Thankfully Sim and I are able to talk and email every day, which makes things much more bearable than they would have been a hundred years ago.

I know I haven’t posted anything job-related, simply because I wanted to let things settle up there and decide what would be appropriate to share. Sim manages a warehouse for Western Petroleum in Tioga, ND. The warehouse used to be a John Deere store, and before that a meat packaging facility. The space is somewhat new to the company, and since they are a busy and fast growing company, this means Sim has his hands full with streamlining things and making the space functional for their type of industry and growing volume of business. I shouldn’t share anything beyond that, but here are some pictures Sim has taken:


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