Well, it finally hit me. I’m homesick. I wasn’t even sure what I was feeling for some time, until I thought about it long enough. I haven’t felt like this since I first moved away to college, which was 11 years ago. Yes, I’m well aware that I’ve been in school entirely too long… tell that to my advisor. I don’t recall ever being homesick while living in Florida, the Carolinas, or California. We’ve lived in so many places now, between work and academic commitments, that I’m generally content wherever we land.

There are so many great things about Iowa that keep me happy, like friends at school, the scenery and wild animals, the nice people, and the good food (Iowa City has everything from Indian food to Dim Sum, and it’s GOOD – like big city good).

But I miss Washington. More specifically, I miss Bellingham, which isn’t even where I grew up. I want to walk in the park in the drizzling rain and bitch about the weather. And then I want to go to the trashy Waterfront Tavern for Sim’s favorite fish and chips, with local microbrewed beer. And then to Tony’s coffee and Village Books in Fairhaven. And the next day I want to get up and go to work at Western Washington University. I miss that job so much.

But I guess, in a way, this feeling is a good reminder of why I am here. Someday I will get another job that I love. Not that I’m not enjoying teaching here, because I am, but my primary job is to be a graduate student, and it is freaking hard.

So for now, I need to keep a classmate’s advice in mind – our self-worth is not, and should not, be entirely measured by our success in graduate school. There is so much more to life.



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2 responses to “Homesick

  1. Anna Maren

    That’s funny about the tavern. Dad wanted to go there for fish n chips the other day and apparently Mom put her foot down and wouldn’t go, haha. Then they were headed somewhere up NW to a greasy-spoon diner to get them (I don’t know where they were talking about), but then stopped at “Oriento” instead. Mom said it was horrible, lol. Poor thing. I’m not sure which would have been worse, the bad food at Oriento or just going to the Tavern for what Dad wanted (and possibly getting murdered) 😉

    But she made us that carrot-ginger soup yesterday with some yummy sourdough bread. It was really good after that long (cold) hike.

  2. Ugh, sadly that does not surprise me. They are like a magnet for bad restaurants. It’s like “Oh, that looks absolutely disgusting – let’s eat there!” I don’t understand how they are STILL unable to gauge, from the location, the decor, the menu, the prices, the smells, etc that EVERY place they go it is about an inch away from either (a) going out of business for serving shitty food, or (b) being put out of business by health officials. And it doesn’t help that every time they attempt to try ethnic food they choose the cheapest place in town, which means that it is not authentic or good. Like Thai food – they insisted on going to that shithole in Ferndale rather than to On Rice, just to save a fucking dollar. But yet they can budget in hundreds/thousands of dollars a year for Dad’s stupid toys? (while Mom gets nothing…) I can hardly believe we are related to them.

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