Storm warning

Every two weeks the Interpersonal Communication professors and graduate students gather for a reading group, in which we review each other’s work to help facilitate submissions to conferences and journals.

Reading group was cancelled tonight due to inclement weather conditions. Inclement weather conditions in IOWA.

Oh shit. This must be serious.

I immediately got online to check the weather conditions and local friends’ Facebook statuses, and found this warning:

I then decided it would be prudent to stop by the store on the way home and stock up on water and vittles, just in case I get snowed (or iced) in.

And I figured I better heed the above warning, so I bought a bottle of Baileys.

So I think I’m ready.

Kerosene heater: Check
Flashlights: Check
Candles: Check
Water: Check
Food that can easily be warmed on the kerosene heater: Check
Electronic items charged: Check


Alright midwest, bring it on!

And by “bring it on”, I mean snow like hell so the university will close for a day.



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2 responses to “Storm warning

  1. Butts, Seymore

    I’m assuming you got your wish for a snow day?

  2. SnOMG, yes. But now I am so exhausted and sore from shoveling snow.

    PS: I can tell who wrote this because your email address appears on my interface 😉

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