Snow job

I was SO excited for a snow day.

And then I opened my garage door to find a snow drift across the entire driveway measuring 3-4 feet in height.


Talk about a snow job.

I almost turned around and went back to bed.

We only received about 20 inches of snow last night, but the wind basically wrapped piles of snow around the south side of our house. The drifts in my yard were so high that I had to go shovel it over the fence, for fear of losing my beagle!

It took me half the day to shovel the driveway.

It got to the point where the pile I created was as tall as me, and I couldn’t throw snow up any higher or throw it anywhere else.  If it snows any more I will have to get a tarp and shovel snow on it, and then drag it across the yard to an area where I can dump it.

But now I’m done and enjoying the sunset with a cup of hot cocoa and Baileys.


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