Midwest hospitality

A friend, who I will appropriately refer to as IronWoman, took these pictures recently. They are just too charming not to share.

I realized that I forgot to mention what a fun time I had with my sister and her husband, who visited a few weeks ago.

But tonight, when I stopped by the grocery store and a man in the truck parked next to me offered to take my cart to the return area, I was reminded of something that happened during their stay.

We didn’t do anything very eventful that week but had a good time watching movies, cooking, and walking down to the pond in the back. The pond is frozen over, like REALLY frozen, so you can walk on it. Anna, as she attempted to slide across the snow-covered pond and do turns like a ballerina, said she always wished she had grown up somewhere where you could go ice skating on the lakes. I remember the lakes freezing over in central Washington, so I’m fairly certain the whole “community comes out to skate, or fish, or play hockey on a pond” thing must be a regional phenomenon. And I’m fairly certain the whole “drink whiskey and clock each other’s snowmobile speed across the lake with a radar gun” is also a regional phenomenon, along with the “tow a sleigh behind a snowmobile to camp on top of a mountain in the snow” thing. But that is another story for another day.

During her visit, my sister discovered another regional phenomenon.

When we came out of the Food Co-op, Anna looked at us and asked us if she had something on her face.

“No”, we responded.

To which she asked, “then why was everyone smiling at me in there!?”

“Because you’re in the midwest!”


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