1 year

On this same day last year Sim graduated from WWU. We had a really special day and a wonderful graduation/sendoff party at a state park along the ocean. We sincerely thank each one of you who was there with us that day, whether in person or in spirit.

That following morning we began our trek to Iowa. There were a couple of bumps in the road, but overall we had a surprisingly successful and enjoyable trip. I’m amazed how well behaved our dogs were for that 3 day span and get emotional just thinking about how good Sim is with them. It seems like only yesterday that he was up in the middle of the night bottle feeding Rusty (the biggest, fattest, and hungriest puppy) to give Charli a break and make sure there was enough milk to go around. Our decision to keep all of the puppies was filled with uncertainty and apprehension, but we both knew in our hearts that it was the right thing for all of us.

So nearly a year ago we arrived in Iowa. For me, it was love at first sight. The green rolling hills, the fields of corn and soy beans, the lakes and rivers, the farms, the wildlife, the forests. The fireflies! If this place had mountains I’m pretty sure we’d stay here forever. But I know Sim despises flat land and pities the fools who have never truly snowmobiled, hiked, camped, hunted, or fished.

For me, this year brought with it a wonderful group of friends and colleagues. I couldn’t have made it without them. Seriously.

And I managed not to flunk out of graduate school. I now have 3 years of graduate work completed (including my MA) and 3 years left. Which makes me both happy and sad.

But most importantly, I managed to stay married. Not to say that being married is the most important thing in life; I’m not getting all 1950s housewife here.


But I mean that if you’ve found someone who really loves you for you, blah blah blah – and if you’ve selected a career path that demands so much work and sometimes oftentimes requires you to put your family second – that’s when maintaining a marriage is a real accomplishment.

Every time I start to whine about working non-stop, not sleeping, and being exhausted, Sim knows exactly how I feel (and perhaps feels worse) because he’s doing the same in North  Dakota. The amount that Sim has sacrificed for me is unbelievable. He is the most hard working, selfless, fun, and loving person I have ever met. Sim, I know this isn’t the ideal situation. But life is a journey, right? And I’m happy to be sharing this journey with you 🙂


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  1. sim

    Nice blog babe. Plenty of chapters left to go. I love you and your writings. Keep up the good work. Someday we will be settled and have dinner parties for all your colleagues like Jennifer Hays and Steve Woods and they’ll all love us because of you. Sim.

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