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@#&*% !!!

I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to setup utility service in Iowa.

No, I don’t look like the man above. But I’m this pissed off, and there are no good pictures of angry women online – they all look dumb and confused. I am not dumb *or* confused. I am pissed!

The road block: The cross-reference of my (driver’s license #) + (SS #) = a *different* birth date. So without identity verification they cannot begin service.

We once moved into a home, in North Carolina, in the middle of summer. It was about 90 degrees, which we can handle. But it was about 1,000,000% humidity. And NONE of the utilities had been turned on (long story, but basically we found and rented the house in the same day). It was miserable.

So now I need to fax copies of my identification to the MidAmerican energy company. Easy enough.

But after that, I have to – wait – brace yourselves – this is worse than staying with my parents this summer. I have to contact Social Security. God have mercy on me!!! What have I done to deserve this!? I am a good person. I pay my bills on time. I volunteer. I rescue little animals (e.g., the “Holy Moley” blog). And I am kind to people! Even Repubs!

It’s not enough that I have to move 2,000 miles away!? Now I have to attempt to contact a human being *competent* human being inside the largest abyss known to mankind!? I will be on hold for hours! I will become utterly confused, exasperated, and frustrated! I will lose hours, potentially days, to this debacle. There is only one person who can help me through this journey. And his name is Jose Cuervo.



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