April 1st was my 29th birthday. This year, like many, is about firsts.

This year I received my first nickname as a college instructor: “Pax Attack”. Attack, by some definitions, means poised to start with purpose and vigor. And this seems appropriate for the long, scary, and exciting year Sim and I have ahead of us.

My primary motivation for starting this blog is to stay in touch with family and friends during our first year in Iowa. After being the first person in my family to graduate from college (followed shortly by my sister, who graduated magna cum laude… she’s pretty amazing), I am now the first to join a PhD program and will be attending the University of Iowa for the next four years.

As for my husband Sim, he will be the first of his siblings to graduate from college this June. Sim will depart with a degree in Communication and a minor in Journalism. During his time at Western Washington University he has studied mass media, rhetoric, and journalism and worked as a writer for The Western Front and Klipson magazine. He’s also become a savvy video editor, website designer, and podcast creator. Despite turning this exciting new leaf, Sim is faced with the daunting task of joining a floundering economy and moving to Iowa City; the most educated community in the nation in which the majority of residents hold a Bachelor’s degree. However, it is not the first time he has put his ambitions behind mine. This too will be a topic within the blog.

So together, we will be living in the midwest for four years. This blog commemorates my 29th birthday and our adventures during this first year in Iowa. We invite you to follow along as we look for a place to call home, complete a 2,000 mile road trip with 6 dogs, and settle into what will most likely be a hectic, exhausted, stress filled, and financially depleted lifestyle that only graduate students and their spouses can truly appreciate.


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