This semester I am teaching 4 discussion sections of Communication Theory in Everyday Life. The other 8 sections are taught by two colleagues, and the large lecture is provided by our Professor. It’s been a long time since I’ve taught anything besides a stand-alone class (where you teach/manage everything yourself). I’m excited for the change and the subject of class, but forgot how challenging it is to have over 90 students in 4 classes (which are back to back on one day).

The title of this entry doesn’t refer to my teaching load, however, it refers to the day and time of the final exam.

During the first large lecture, our Professor had the task of notifying students of the final exam day and time. He began by prefacing that final exams are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office and are unmovable, and that students MUST attend the final exam.

My colleagues and I knew what was coming. He was about to drop the bomb.

We sat there, feeling sorry for these incredibly unlucky souls. But what was about to be uttered was so horrible that it was funny in a sort of sick and vindictive way. So I sat there, trying not to laugh nervously at what was about to be unveiled.

“The final exam will be on Friday of finals week, at 7:00 PM”

You can imagine the horrible sounds that followed. Undergraduates’ worlds were suddenly turned upside down. This class had somehow managed to receive the absolute WORST final exam day and time.

For those students who will someday become parents and see their children attend college, I can only imagine the empathy they will have.

“You think YOU have it tough!? When I was your age, we walked to class when it was -18 degrees outside and took a final exam on FRIDAY NIGHT of finals week!”


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