Lessons learned

Tonight I left campus when it was -18 degrees with the wind chill. That means it was 50 degrees below the freezing level.

So naturally I had to venture outside a cruel and unusual number of times since I was on campus from 9:30-6:30 and had a variety of commitments throughout the day.

Hard lessons learned today:

1) Don’t leave food in your car for after class, thinking it will be a nice snack on the way home. It will be FROZEN, dumbass.

2) Little Hotties hand warmers do NOT work in emergency situations. They take 20 minutes to warm up, so you’ll have to open and shake them in the middle of a class for them to be of any value 20 minutes later.

3) Invest in a heated steering wheel cover, for god’s sake. Mittens can only do you so good.

4) Upon arriving home, do these things in quick succession: Crank up heat. Pre-heat oven. Put water on stove for hot tea. Run hot bath. Put space heater in bathroom to make it extra toasty. Throw leftovers in oven. Make tea. Retreat to bathtub.

The only good of this day was that I got to put the wonderful scarf my sister knitted me to the true test. Anna made me a black and gold (Hawkeye) scarf that contains two layers of wool. She actually calculated the *exact* number of stitches it took. Although I can’t remember the precise number, I know it was in the tens of thousands. In addition to being incredibly thick, it is also nice and wide (yes, I know what Michael Scott would say in response to that), so I can pull it up over my face to my eyes. And on top of it, she made me matching mittens!



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2 responses to “Lessons learned

  1. Maria

    I hear you. Today was one of the first days it’s been above zero here in several days.Too cold for me!

  2. No kidding! Glad it “warmed up” 🙂

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