Drinking water

Because we’re on well water that is absolutely disgusting, our house has a built-in water filtration system, which stopped working. No noises, no leaks, it just stopped. Sim spent I don’t know how long on the phone being transferred from person to person at Sears, since the system is made by them. After working on his truck all day yesterday to fix a rust issue with the frame, working all last night, and getting for work again tonight, I knew this was the last thing he wanted to deal with. After a while his voice started to change, not into an angry tone, but different accents. Each person he spoke to had the pleasure of meeting a different alter ego. Somewhere in there was a southern man (think Hank in King of the Hill), a man from MinneSOta, a Latino man, along with a gay man, or maybe it was a gay Latino man. Go figure it was that particular person who asked if Sim would like them to send a serviceman over to inspect his equipment. “Oh, yeeeeees!”, Sim eagerly replied. “Oh no”, I thought.

I think it was about the 7th person he spoke to who knew what on earth he was talking about. And he discovered the culprit was likely a bad filter. That’s about as good of a solution as I could hope for. So Sim set out to find the filter. And mustache wax, because Santa forgot that.

$60. freaking dollars later Sim returned home with two different filters (there are actually three filters but only two needed replacing), the cost of which is not covered by the landlord per the lease… And mustache wax, which we now know is carried at CVS pharmacy. He installed the filters and the drinking water started flowing! As for the mustache styling, that is yet to be seen.


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