Winter break

It’s a new year and about time I snapped out my holiday cocoon. I took the week off between Christmas and New Years, and am now sick about all the work I should be doing. I shouldn’t have taken time off, but I just couldn’t bear to open another freaking book or sit down to write one more damn word.

To do list:

1) Filing. This is the stack of articles I read during fall semester. I have some plastic filing boxes to place them in for now but really need to invest in a BIG filing cabinet to house what will eventually be 6 years of graduate work.

2) Read the book I am supposed to be teaching from next semester, Communication in Everyday Life by Duck and McMahan. I should do a close reading too, since our professor is the first author and will be providing the large audience lectures.

3) Read a graduate book, Boundaries of Privacy by Petronio. Not to get ahead, but just to be prepared for day 1. (Yes, welcome to graduate school) And who knows what else we’ll need to have read before day 1 since the syllabi are still in the making.

4) Write two letters of recommendation. I love to recommend wonderful students and see them go on to great things, but there are so many recommendations! I think these are the last two of the graduate school application season (smile).

5) Complete an IRB (institutional review board) application for a study, which will likely develop into a dissertation. I finally nailed down a trajectory and unit of analysis but am afraid to commit to my RQs (Research Questions) and finish developing the survey, because I’m afraid I’ll want to add something later but then won’t be able to, because it takes forever (okay, not forever, but a long freaking time at an R1 school) to get IRB approval. But I need to push on and do *something* so my temporary advisor can give me feedback/guidance.

6) Start preparing for the courses I’m teaching next summer at Western Washington University. This will help pay the bills during the summer (when I don’t get paid) and foot the bill for the summer Health Communication class I’ll take here (which costs out of pocket since it is outside the normal school year and our contract). I’ll only have 2 weeks after the Iowa summer session until the Washington summer session begins, so I need to start brainstorming, reading, and prepping now.

Since my sister and her husband will be visiting for a week (starting this Thursday!), it’s obvious that something’s got to give. Thankfully my sister loves to knit and my brother-in-law loves to geek out on the computer, so we can schedule in some quiet time each day for work.


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  1. I almost forgot, I am supposed to study for my Qualifying Examination in March. Great.

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