Merry Christmas!

Here it is, the Paxman 2010 Christmas blog!

Last week we finally ventured out for a tree, only to discover that the local tree farm had sold out on December 5th! We hadn’t thought much about it, but trees are a scarce commodity here. We were referred to another local business and ended up with a beautiful blue spruce. I couldn’t find the box that our Christmas ornaments are packed in (which is highly usual, I’m sad to say, despite anal retentively labeling every box). But we didn’t have much to begin with anyway. And since everything has been 40% off in the stores we went to town with the decorations. I think it’s the nicest tree we’ve ever had.

We decided not to exchange gifts this year because we’re saving for a trip during spring break. I suppose our “gifts” were the passports we purchased last week, which added up to over $300 in fees for the applications, the photos, and the shipping/tracking.

But our trip entirely hinges on finding a dog sitter. It takes a special person to watch 6 dogs for one week. Yes, there are all sorts of options out there. But the best option is simply to have someone we know, and someone the dogs know, stay at our house for a week. We’ve had this travel opportunity for a couple of months but didn’t know if we could make it happen… until TODAY. Sim’s mom has generously offered to stay with the dogs for a week over spring break. Needless to say we’ll buy her plane ticket from Washington and take care of anything else possible to make her stay as easy and relaxing as possible. This is one of the best – if not THE best – Christmas gifts we’ve ever received. Thank you Donna, a thousand times over.

This means that we will be traveling to…(drumroll)…TOKYO!!! Sim’s friend Yutaka, who is from and lives in Japan, is getting married on March 21st. And their other friend from high school, Jeff, will be meeting us there with his fiancé. (Yes, for those of you who know Jeff: He is engaged!) The wedding venue is beautiful, although I can’t find the website at the moment. We have a huge list of things we want to do, many of which we know there simply won’t be enough time for. So for now, we’ll start with sushi and go from there.


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