Let it snow

All week the weather forecast has consistently predicted snow in the next 2-3 days. But every day it would change. It will snow Monday. No, Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday? Enough! LET IT SNOW DAMMIT! How can IOWA have only received 6 inches of snow after two months of winter?

People keep saying things like “I bet you aren’t used to this much snow in Washington!” Um, are you serious? Have you ever looked at a topographical map? Please tell me you’ve at least *heard* of the Cascade Mountains. You know, that big range that extends from Canada to California? You know, where they held THE 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS!? Sure, it isn’t the Rockies, but by Halloween they have received more snow than Iowa City has in the last two months. Our high school football team routinely played their games in the snow. We grew up with a bulldozer parked in our driveway to clear the snow. We had to ride snowmobiles up and down the driveway to get to and from the bus stop. And outside of town it was legal to ride your snowmobile to the local gas station/grocery store because the roads were often too bad to drive on, even after plows had come through and even if you were in a four-wheel drive vehicle with studs. When I say it took 2 HOURS to get to school in the winter, just on the bus alone, not counting the trip through the forest to the bus stop, I am not exaggerating.

I know it has been an atypical winter here, so I decided to do some research. I found an annual snowfall chart for Iowa City. It was more than we’re used to, but didn’t look too bad. About 8 feet in December, 9 feet in January. Wait a minute. The chart is not in feet, it is in INCHES. What!? Apparently when people talk about how extreme Iowa winters are, they are talking about the low temperatures, the wind, and the rain that turns everything into a sheet of ice. But not the snow. States north of us, like Minnesota and North Dakota, receive loads of snow. But not Iowa.

So naturally we’ve been wishing for snow for Christmas. And this morning, we got it! It has been snowing for over 12 hours now and we’ve received about 5 inches!!! The dogs have been having a blast and romping around in the snow all day. The turkeys were out grazing in the corn field this morning and the neighbors have been riding their snowmobiles around. Sim and I haven’t (yet) ventured out to play but are snuggled up inside with a pile of puppies and some hot buttered rums.


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