I apologize to our family and friends for not updating the blog all semester. Things are going well for both Sim and I, but it’s been incredibly exhausting and hectic. In the little free time we do have together we try to catch up on sleep or spend time with the dogs.

With an invitation to a graduate student Halloween party last weekend we decided to dress up. I realized that it was actually the FIRST time we’ve ever dressed up for a Halloween party since meeting in 1999. Apparently we had the old married couple routine down years ago.

There were two driving forces in our consideration of costumes. One (mainly for me): Don’t dress like a hooker. Only undergraduates dress like prostitutes. Or graduate students who dress up as slutty undergrads with an attitude, which is a timeless tradition that continues to entertain me year after year.

And two: Find something from around the house to reduce the cost. Hmmm. What do exactly do we have lying around the house?

-Alaskan fishing bibs, coat, and boots

-A Mexican sombrero

-Hunting attire and accessories

-Cowboy hats

-One Santa Clause suit

-A pirate eye patch

-Two hard hats

-A pair of women’s red leather Caterpillar boots

-A pair of women’s Red Wing boots

I opted to pair the boots and a hard hat together. From here, there were still a few options, but  only one real logical fit for me. A logger. What a perfect way to represent my hometown!

We went on a hunt for hickory shirts in Iowa City but couldn’t find anyone who knew what they were, let alone carried them. We then looked for Stihl suspenders but only found John Deere  suspenders. Somewhere along the way I decided that a beard was also essential to my costume. But the only beards left at the costume stores were the really nice kind, that are apparently made of human hair. Good grief. Who knew I’d be wearing some guy’s hair around Iowa City all night? The icing on the cake was a half-rack of Busch beer in a camouflage case. You really can’t be any sort of mountain person without at least a flash of camouflage.

So here I am, in drag. I’m actually smiling in every picture but you can’t tell because my mustache is so long.

I arrived at the party, pretty sure my costume was obvious and didn’t require clarification, only to have someone ask “Are you a Chilean miner!?” Good god. Are you kidding me? The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Miners and loggers do look surprisingly alike. I knew I should have brought a chainsaw!

I actually had to defend my costume to a guy who showed up at the graduate student party wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “Trust me buddy, this hardhat REALLY is for logging and has been used for logging!” “Now let me interrogate you. What type of tree is *this*? What is a wop-wop logger? What is a springboard? Define selective logging.” Oh, you don’t know the answers? Then shut the fuck up about my costume until you’ve set foot on a mountain, you isolated and moronic flatlander.

We frequented a few locations that evening, and throughout the night I continually heard “Go Chile!” and “Wooo, miners!” And to top it off – there were tons of people dressed as miners! So my costume ended up making a splash, especially since I was the only miner dressed in drag.

Because the beard cost much more than anticipated I’m saving it for next year. Costume suggestions are welcome.



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2 responses to “Halloween

  1. The Other White Meat

    Something like a Mennonite or a dictator (did Stalin have a beard or just a mustache?). If it was more raggedy you could be Osama bin Ladin…

    I’ll try to think of some more ideas.

  2. A Mennonite or an Amish man would be great! I could re-use the suspenders too. And I could buy other accessories, like a hat, in Kalona.

    Another thought is dressing up as a mountain man, like Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson. We have enough elk hides to fashion something.

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