Scary movie

Oh. my. goodness.

Tonight I returned home after dinner with friends to find the power was out at our house. It is so dark out here already, but without the porch light or anything else on it was terrifying.

I couldn’t get in the front door because we fenced around it (long story, but a logical choice I assure you).

I couldn’t get in the garage because it is electric.

The only other option was to drive around to the back of the house, where it is literally pitch black, and go in through the basement. The BASEMENT!

I didn’t have a flashlight in the Jeep so I had to first walk through the laundry room, then the rec room, and then through another door leading to the stairs to get upstairs.

All the while the dogs were going crazy because it was pitch black and they heard someone entering the house. Thank goodness they recognized the sound of my voice as I entered.

I traipsed upstairs and somehow located a flashlight with the illumination of my cell phone. And then I had to go back downstairs and park the Jeep out front. If I didn’t re-park the Jeep then (a) our neighbor would have a hard time unloading his truck full of sound equipment later that night (he runs the sound for the bands that perform every Friday night in the Pedestrian Mall), and (b) I know Sim’s heart would skip a beat if he pulled up after work (at 12:45 am) to see that I “wasn’t home” (not because he’d be upset, but because he knows I am ALWAYS home and in bed by then).

Once I parked the Jeep out in front of the garage I then had to use the flashlight to navigate my way back behind the house and through the basement. CREEPY! With the cloud cover and rain there was not a single star to be seen in the sky. I was walking through an area with a cornfield on one side and a forest on the other side. And an abandoned farmhouse across the street. See!? *This* is where it really starts to sound like a scary movie.

I made it back inside and found our candles, but then couldn’t find a lighter. I exhausted every room in the house, and, as the flashlight started to fade, I finally had to resort to searching the garage (I should have known to look here first, as most things of value are kept in Sim’s man cave). That was also scary. I found a lighter and scurried back inside to light our candles and assure the dogs that everything was okay (they were fairly distressed by that point).

Pretty soon I saw flashing lights out the window and was relieved to see it was Linn Co. Rural Electric out to save the day as always. They pulled up to the gate at the edge of our property that leads into the forest and had the problem fixed within 20 minutes. (They have been working with our landlord to remove some of the problematic trees but it’s an ongoing struggle.) The light surged back on and we were in business.

Lessons of the day:

1) Keep a flashlight in both cars.

2) Keep the lighters in NORMAL and agreed-upon places.

3) Buy some propane lanterns already!


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  1. Holy crap, that *is* scary! I don’t think I could have done that. I probably would have camped out in my car, but then I would have had to go to the bathroom. And then you’ve got dogs to take care of. Yeah, I pretty much would have died of terror – I can’t do the dark, even in our downstairs.

    Yeah, make sure you get supplies before winter starts cuz you don’t wanna be doing that in Jan. with ice (do I sound like mom yet?)

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