11 years

Sim and I went on our first date 11 years ago on August 23rd, 1999. We met at his pizza place in Leavenworth and went to see in movie in Wenatchee. I don’t know why, but we decided to see “The Sixth Sense” in which the little boy famously declares “I see dead people”. We both agreed: No more dead people movies.

For a month we were inseparable. We floated the river, camped, and went to concerts at the Gorge. And then I moved across the state to go to college in Bellingham. We both said our goodbyes and basically agreed to have a nice life. But as you can see, it only took a week to say hello again.

That fall Sim bought me my first cell phone. The Voicestream wireless company called me at home (which, at that point, was the Birnam Wood college housing complex) to inform me that my new phone was waiting at their office to pick up, compliments of a special someone.

Well, anything beyond this is just going to get incredibly mushy. Probably only a few hopeless romantics would care to hear more, and the rest would likely throw up in their mouth if I started to ramble on about how much I love Sim. So I will end it here. Sim: You are the most unique, loving, talented, and funny person I have ever met. I love you. And I’m so thankful to be on this journey with you.


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