The office

Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging lately is because we’ve been renovating my home office. It was in perfect condition but featured some really ugly grey walls – it honestly looked like a jail cell or something. Since I’ll be spending pretty much the next 4 years locked in this room, I figured a makeover was justifiable. It took a lot of time and cost a lot more money than we expected, though, and I am really thankful for Sim’s patience. And for letting me move him here in the first place. Iowa is so completely different than the northwest – while I’m loving it I can tell Sim is homesick and making the best of it.

We started by painting the room light yellow to cheer it up. I then decided to paint the bookcase a poppy red, which turned out more dark pink. And I placed curtains on the bookcase to cover the copious amounts of research binders and files on the lower shelves.

Next we hit up Wal-Mart for some new area rugs. The entire upstairs of the house is hardwood which is beautiful but (a) cold in the winter, and (b) uncomfortable for the dogs to lay on all the time. We ended up buying 3 small rugs that are identical in color. Now when I’m in the office all 6 dogs will come lay by my feet, it is so cozy 🙂

Next we went to the weekly auction. We bought this comfy chair and footstool for $55 (and learned after buying it that it reclines), the matching lamp for $2, and the little black table for $10. My mother sewed the quilt on the chair for me when I was a baby and gave it to me this summer, so it is my favorite part of the room.

So far I’ve only hung one picture, which was a lovely gift from two beloved students. None of our other pictures really go with the country theme of the room, so that will be the icing on the cake in the coming months. And maybe some window curtains if I get carried away.

Next to the office is the guest room, which doubles as Sim’s “man room”. This is where he stores his guns, bow and arrows, and trophy racks. There is a large picture of a buffalo on the wall, which is the first piece of decor inundating it to a Western themed room. It’s important to me for Sim to have his own space (aside from the garage, which is dubbed the “man cave”), so this project is definitely next in line. I think he’ll be happy to have my help in designing the room, but he’s instructed me to “stay away from his bathroom”. Since there are two bathrooms upstairs we’ve each claimed one, I’m perfectly happy staying out of his 😉


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