We also took a trip to Amish country in Kalona while my dad was visiting. Kalona is about 15 miles away from Iowa City and has only gravel roads running through the Amish part of town (as is customary for many areas around here, Amish or not). We stopped at an Amish bakery, a couple Amish grocery stores, and the Kalona Cheese House.

My favorite stop was Stringtown grocery. We pulled up to a horse and buggy parked outside, driven by a young man named Sam who traveled 3 miles from his house for groceries. Beside the horse parking area was a fenced area with baby chicks and chickens for sale. An Amish family ran the business on the side of their home in a separate building, which was filled with Amish and tourists alike.

The most exciting part of my day was discovering their bulk food section – I’ve never seen food sold for such great prices. On the way home I kept estimating my savings and simply had to itemize it. I know, like you care 😉

Walnuts: 1 lb. for $4.75

Brown rice: 5 lb for $2.75

Graham cracker crust mix: 1.6 lb. for $2.16





Cayenne pepper

White pepper


Total of spices: $7.33 (average = $1.22 per container)

A regular container of spices (as pictured) = .66 ounce.

The purchased containers of spices (as pictured) are about = .20 lb. (3.2 ounces).

So this means that I purchased 5 times the amount of spices for about 1/6 the normal price.

My 8th grade math teacher would be so proud right now 🙂


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