While my dad was visiting Sim and I decided to take him into Iowa City for some fun.

First we hit up Micky’s (as recommended by a friend) for Happy Hour pub fare. The guys ordered $3 burgers and I ordered $3 chips and salsa. And we drank a handful of $2 margaritas and beers.

After that we coerced dad into strolling down the street to see the Old Capital Building. It helped that he was half drunk, so he was amenable to some very modest form of exercise. Here we are overlooking the Iowa River, which I now realized you can’t see between all the trees – but it’s there! And the Communication department is on down behind us on the left, also hidden in trees.

Then we had to temp him back up the street to where we were parked, so Sim conveniently mentioned an ice cream shop. If anything is worth walking to in dad’s book, it is an ice cream shop. We walked to Whitey’s, which is somewhat famous for their homemade ice cream (another branch allows you to purchase dry ice for shipping the ice cream to people across the country). I ordered the “Graham Central Station” which is a delicious graham cracker concoction that has me officially addicted to Whitey’s.


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