Country livin’

This week we’ve done a lot of country living. Unfortunately the air is so humid here that it fogs up my camera most of the time, so a lot of photo opps are missed or taken from inside.

We finally saw our first turkey. If you click on the image it will enlarge and you can see that’s it’s head is a bluish-grey color. And it has what is called a “beard” on it’s chest, which is a swath of thick fur or something of the sort [I know technically birds aren’t supposed to have fur and listened to my dad and Sim discuss this for hours *before* having even seen the turkey (knowing of course that Sim was indeed correct for obvious reasons) – thank you turkey for ending the debate! So it may not be fur per se, but it’s close enough for me]

This is what the sunset looks like from our back porch.

And this is the farmer across the street collecting his hay. They back their tractors into the large round bails and load them on the back to transport back to a trailer. I’m sure readers from the Midwest are thinking “DUH!”, but this is new and pertinent information for us coasties!

This is the farmhouse and barn across the street, pre-storm.

And this is what the lightning looks like during a storm. Sim took this picture and has a handful more (but they take forever to upload on here). Summer storms are fairly frequent and intense here. Sometimes a storm will last all night, and sometimes it will blow over within a couple of hours and clear up to be hot and sunny again. The rain pours hard, the thunder is loud, and the lightning is constant.

We thought it was really cool until going to a friend’s house the other night to see that the tree right beside his house had been struck and split open by lightning. Yikes!


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