Road trip #2

Tomorrow morning I leave for my second drive from Washington state to Iowa.

My father has volunteered to come with me for the sake of safety. Frankly, I’d rather be alone to enjoy the scenery, clear my head, and drive at my own pace. But I know a young blonde woman in a red BMW might attract the wrong kind of attention, especially if (knock on wood) I broke down. I’m not sure if my dad will be much help though – he’s like an older version of Kevin James in Mall Cop. What’s equally scary is that he, along with his boss, who sadly (and literally) was dropped on his head as a baby and is mentally challenged, are security guards for a local refinery. One is unable to run, one of afraid of the dark, and one is unable to complete the paperwork. I know, it’s kind of funny to think about a grown man who is afraid of the dark (until you realize you’re a horrible person for being so judgmental and then feel incredibly guilty and thankful for having all of your physical and mental faculties). But it’s also not funny because it’s an OIL REFINERY. Just recently a refinery in a neighboring city had an explosion that killed multiple people. And my father’s co-workers, only weeks ago, suddenly discovered that the “sea mist” blowing onto the windshield of their SUV was peeling the glass off the windshield as the wipers glazed over it… because it was a DEADLY chemical. Thank goodness the windows were closed and the vents were not sucking air in. I forget the chemical’s name now, because so many float around their household in conversation, but it gets in through your pores upon contact and eats your bones. Suddenly this road trip isn’t sounding so bad.

As mentioned, my dad is quite a handful. He’s not a role model in any sense of the word [not because of his career difficulties, but his acerbic (thanks GRE study guide! Even if NONE of the 500 words I memorized showed up on your stupid exam] personality. But I’m learning to accept him as a person; a human being who makes mistakes. A lot of mistakes. If I just accept him for who he is, I think it will make the trip a lot better. When he wants to be, my dad can actually be a fun person too.

I should also mention that THIS WEEK is the annual Sturgis motorcycle festival in South Dakota. I’m not sure if we should be scared or excited. But if I live through it, you might just see some pictures of bikers on the blog.

If all goes well, we will arrive in Iowa on Wednesday night. I haven’t yet setup internet service at our place (because we’re in the country, okay? Going from regular internet to satellite internet, etc requires research to get a good deal on something that works well). So I’ll be online later this week.


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