Truth be told, this summer has not been *entirely* filled with work. I did manage to escape for 3 days to go camping in the Cascade Mountains of central Washington with my sister.

We drove to Lake Wenatchee, which is about 20 miles from Leavenworth, and camped along Nason Creek. We spent time sunbathing, lounging on floaties in the lake (until the cold glacial water was too much to bear), cooking and eating, drinking beer, napping, and driving around what used to be our stomping ground.

It actually brought back memories of my time during the 4th grade, when I had the chance to attend a real Girl Scout camp. I was ecstatic and considered it, up until that point, the most important trip of my life. My parents even splurged and bought me a special bowl with a fold up set of silverware, along with a compass, from REI. I don’t remember them ever buying anything from REI at any point in their financially-strained lives, but they wanted me to have something nice that would last throughout childhood. I arrived to camp in my mom’s Subaru with my backpack in tow, ready for adventure. And it was there I had my first lesson on sexism. What a load of horse shit. The boys in the nearby camp got to learn how to make a fire with flint, while we learned how to make dolls with wooden spoons. Dolls with wooden spoons – Are you KIDDING ME!!!??? Until that point I proudly held my troop’s record for the most cookies sold. But after that, the Girl Scouts were never the same. I know, I know – their cookies are delicious. That is just because they are flavored with DECEPTION.

Anyway, our trip was incredible. Here are a few pictures; the rest are posted to Facebook.


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