Laundry day

So we haven’t yet found a dryer at the local auction or on Craigslist, but we don’t really need one in the summer. Behind the laundry room sits a large clothes line beside the proposed garden area. After running the first load of laundry, I showed Sim how to hang laundry with wooden pins – the best way to hang something to dry, and the best way to secure something against the gail-force winds that sometimes whip through the heartland. With the combination of sunshine, heat, and constant breezes, the laundry dries rather fast. And needless to say, it smells sweet and fresh.

Just before leaving Iowa, I looked out on the clothes line from our kitchen to see a little fawn wandering within the ravine just behind the house. It was a deep red color with bright white spots. It ventured into a grove of tall grass and completely disappeared as it bedded down for a nap.


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