Costume day

My husband of 5 years and partner of 11 years graduates from college on Saturday. He has earned a B.A. of Communication Studies with a minor in Journalism.

Today we took our last walk through campus together to pick up his cap and gown. It was beautiful and relaxing. The flowers had bloomed and the air smelled of fresh rain. As we approached the student union, however, it became hectic. Students were practically pushing and shoving their way through the line, as if Western Washington University was going to change it’s mind at any moment. “Sorry, after closer examination we’ve decided that you are not yet ready to graduate.” I still have reoccurring dreams along the same line. I envision myself simply forgetting to attend an entire quarter of some required course, only to show up on the last day and realize my grave mistake. Waking up from that nightmare to suddenly realize that you have a Master’s degree is one of the greatest things in life. Waking up to realize that you are living on a teacher’s salary, however, is not.

Once we returned home, Sim wanted to try his cap and gown on. I attached his tassel and instructed him that it sits on one side at the start of the ceremony, and is then moved to the other side upon receiving your diploma.

He then tossed on his gown like a child dramatically draping on a cape at Halloween. Then, with the front still unzipped, he crossed the two pieces of material over each other. In retrospect, it looked more like a plus size cocktail dress than anything else. And I remarked that if the robe was orange, he would look like a monk. To this, he declared it costume day. He now wants to affix foliage to his cap and paint his face in camouflage paint to look like Rambo. So yes, it appears that I am married to a true mountain man.


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