The little blue trailer

My husband, bless his heart, has owned a little blue trailer since he was 16.

I learned, long ago, that “bless his heart” is a southern expression, which is nothing short of genius. Correct me, southerners, if I’m wrong. But I believe the expression can be used to soften the blow of something less sugar coated. For example: “He’s a no good son of a bitch, bless his heart!” So with this understanding (yankees: take note), I reiterate that my husband, bless his heart, has owned a little blue trailer since he was 16.

It’s not that I am ungrateful. I am very thankful to have a trailer. A trailer that is constantly parked on the side of our house. A trailer that the neighborhood gets to look at year round. A trailer that enables us to drag ungodly amounts of crap home that we don’t need. I am so thankful, in fact, that I’m compelled to tell you about our adventures with little blue.

It’s first out-of-state venture was in 2004 when we moved from Washington to California.

This picture captures the first time the trailer needed attention. In the middle of nowhere.

The next picture captures the next time the trailer needed attention. In the middle of nowhere.

Seriously. You’ve heard of Orlando, right? But did you know that there is an Orlando, CALIFORNIA!? No? That’s because it’s in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!

And what, you ask, could possibly “break down” on a trailer? Oh my. There are so many things that can break on a trailer, thus rendering it immobile, that it’s not even funny. These two particular maroons were the result of bad bearings.

We then, in 2006, had a stint in North Carolina. After eating all the fried food our clogged arteries desired, we decided to return to Washington. I-40 is very, very long. It stretches all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. So there are plenty of bad places to break down.

The location little blue selected: The middle of the Mojave desert. There are no pictures of this incident, because I was in the process of LOSING MY MIND! Of course this was because I had already seen the movie “Breakdown”, starring Kurt Russell.

Did you take note of the vehicle they were driving? A Red Jeep Cherokee. Holy shit. It is identical to ours. The only consolation is that my husband, like Kurt Russell, is a total bad ass. But nonetheless, I have some unresolved anxiety about traveling long distances. So little blue trailer, may the force be with you.


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