Vet visit

I took 4 of our dogs to the vet today, by myself.

Just the usual appointment. Sim couldn’t be there with me, so he kindly loaded our largest dog crate in the Jeep Cherokee last night. We’ve been experimenting with different vehicle/crate/dog combinations to find the ideal mishmash for our road trip. After today, I can say with great certainty, that 4 dogs in the Jeep with one crate = a recipe for disaster. The dogs were wonderfully behaved, but the issue is that the crate door only opens part way from one side of the Jeep, so it’s easy to take a dog out (only because they leap out at you once the door opens) but hard to put one back. With this in mind, we may not even use crates for the majority of our trip. I think an upcoming blog about our van should clarify the proposed logistics.

While the dogs did splendidly, it was in large part due to the excellent staff at Whatcom Veterinary Hospital. I am so thankful for their kindness and patience in working with our dogs. They not only provide our furry family members with the best treatment possible, but they continually show their care and empathy. In retrospect, really the best and worst moments of our lives have been shared with veterinarians. So it is with great thanks to Dr. Aupperlee and colleagues that we enter this new chapter of our lives with healthy and happy dogs 🙂


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