@#&*% !!!

I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to setup utility service in Iowa.

No, I don’t look like the man above. But I’m this pissed off, and there are no good pictures of angry women online – they all look dumb and confused. I am not dumb *or* confused. I am pissed!

The road block: The cross-reference of my (driver’s license #) + (SS #) = a *different* birth date. So without identity verification they cannot begin service.

We once moved into a home, in North Carolina, in the middle of summer. It was about 90 degrees, which we can handle. But it was about 1,000,000% humidity. And NONE of the utilities had been turned on (long story, but basically we found and rented the house in the same day). It was miserable.

So now I need to fax copies of my identification to the MidAmerican energy company. Easy enough.

But after that, I have to – wait – brace yourselves – this is worse than staying with my parents this summer. I have to contact Social Security. God have mercy on me!!! What have I done to deserve this!? I am a good person. I pay my bills on time. I volunteer. I rescue little animals (e.g., the “Holy Moley” blog). And I am kind to people! Even Repubs!

It’s not enough that I have to move 2,000 miles away!? Now I have to attempt to contact a human being *competent* human being inside the largest abyss known to mankind!? I will be on hold for hours! I will become utterly confused, exasperated, and frustrated! I will lose hours, potentially days, to this debacle. There is only one person who can help me through this journey. And his name is Jose Cuervo.



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5 responses to “@#&*% !!!

  1. Sarah Blanchfield

    I enjoy reading your blog, this one especially. I couldn’t even imagine trying to find a house and attempt to have everything ready in time for moving day. Best of luck to you in Iowa 🙂 And keep posting.

    Sarah Blanchfield

  2. Waynski

    Why would you be angry? Liberals love the government right? After all you don’t mind it growing exponentially. Just think, after the government has control of the health care system, you’ll have the same thing to look forward to for medical issues.

  3. Waynski

    Why isn’t my comment posted PAX. Blocking broadcast of your own hypocrisy?

    • I just realized who “Waynski” is (and thus approved the comments)! Sorry Andy 🙂 I didn’t put your middle name + a fav hobby together for the longest time until I returned to this blog. I just thought it was some random person!

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