Queer eye for the hawkeye

What is better, you ask, than learning you’re about to join a Big Ten school?

Discovering that gay marriage is legal in Iowa!!!

How in the hell did I not know this? Again, a very embarrassing moment for someone who considers themselves on the up and up. Just what in the hell was I doing in April 2009 that prevented me from reading the news? And the one year anniversary in April 2010? I have no excuse.

Here I’ve been, reminiscing about the annual Long Beach gay pride parade (‘tis the season, after all) from a conservative little farm town in the top sliver of Washington state. As farmers belly up to the local bars to drink Rainer beer, I think back to all the mimosas that were shared in the 2nd story condo we had on Ocean Blvd. while overlooking the annual parade.

And to add to the excitement, we will be in Iowa during the 2010 gay pride parade, on Saturday, June 19th. In fact, we will have just arrived to Iowa. I can only imagine the look on my husband’s face as we pull into the heartland only to see hundreds of half-naked gay men dancing to Cher.

So Iowa, you have just scored another point. I haven’t even traveled to your state yet, but I feel that we are meant for each other.

Corn fed and ready to wed!


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