The catch

There’s always a catch to anything. The catch to our move: I have to teach at WWU (in Washington) this summer. This is not news to me. In fact, I’m thrilled for the opportunity, which I requested months ago. This not only helps me build my vitae, but it pays in 6 weeks of work what I’d normally earn in 12 weeks due to the compressed schedule. However, it does mean that I have to help Sim and the dogs move to Iowa between June 13 and June 21, and then fly back for a 6 week summer session commencing on June 22nd.

And, brace yourselves, I have to stay with my parents! My sister and her husband also live in the same town, thankfully, and have been kind enough to also offer me refuge and free rent. So I’ll likely rotate between houses every week to make sure I don’t wear out my welcome anywhere too quickly.

But the worst part will be being away from my family for that long. I know there are much worse things in life, but this will be really difficult. Their first 6 weeks in a new region, state, and city will be spent without me. I’ll be missing out on trips to the lake and dog park, playing outside in the water to cool off, and watching the fireflies at night. These dogs are going to go crazy over the fireflies. I just hope they don’t bark at them as incessantly as they do squirrels.


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